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Britt Lynn

Psychic Medium Empath Love Intuitive Tarot Card Reader


I am a Intuitive Medium also known as a psychic medium. I work with tarot cards but mostly my spirit guides leading the way.I can provide answers on career, relationship, love, life purpose, finances, family issues, legal, etc. I ask you please be open to what comes through. I only will give you the truth and I will not bend it to fit. Also, sometimes your spirit guides and crossed over loved ones like to pop in especially if there is something more important that you need to hear.

Please give me little to nothing as far as information. Give me your first name and if appropriate the other person involved 2. Ask your question as precisely and short as possible.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I was born with Clairvoyance,Clairaudient, and also an empath. I specialize in working with my spirit guides and using other modalities and tools such as different tarot cards, symbolism from my guides, automatic writing, and whatever else spirit like to throw my way!I believe anything can be a tool if you truly have the energy to conduct the answer. I specialize in Love and Relationships. I have read for many radio shows and still do. It is one of my favorite things to do. I continue to further my learning every chance I get by taking any classes on anything to do with the metaphysical. My goal is to help people, and I feel like we are never truly done learning. Its something I enjoy as well as reading as many new and old books on the topic of metaphysical things.


When I was a child I remember seeing spirit and bizarre things no one could explain. I was amazed by all things paranormal at a very young age. When I got into my teens, I was convinced my music taste as a toddler came from my previous life time. It sounds silly but my parents could not understand my personality and like for Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash for a toddler. I got quite jaded over the years until losing my grandfather tragically in a freak accident and than myself a year later having a near death car accident. I woke up in an ambulance hearing everything must change from a voice inside. The next few months strange occurrences and visitations started happening. It was as something clicked back into place for me. I got deeply into the study of mediumship and intuitive abilities. I wanted to bring justice and a voice to those crossed over. Also to bring healing to the ones who are still here in the physical grieving. I have been reading for about ten years now. I started out as reading for my customers at the bar I bartended at, and eventually expanded to reading on podcasts, radio shows, events, and for private clients.

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